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This site was created by our web design team so people can network and share knowledge and information. It is free to join and be apart of our community.

We can produce creative videos and web content

in Southern California.

We help to promote your product or service. This site is a showcase of local companies and a network of small business people that want to showcase what they do best. If you already have videos to showcase you can add them simply by joining our web site as a member you can add videos or create a group to promote you company, product service or interest.

So Cal spotlight helps people create and media

and web sites to help local companies. Helping to build a custom internet presence for organizations, people and small business. You can connect to out team if you need help in this.

Save money and energy with promoting on the internet.

services we provide including web design, hosting, e-commerce and we teach our clients how to use and build with free open source software.

Monday, 07 May 2012 20:16

Video and web development company

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Our company located in Orange County.

We are a video web design company offering Orange County with the opportunity to showcase your company, product or service. We have several sites under development. We are looking to expand our team and need people that understand technology of today and want to bring it to small business companies in orange county and beyond. You need moderate commuter skills and the desire to meet business owners and give them the tools to showcase their company a prices they can afford.

What we sell is needed on today's market by all kinds of companies

groups and organization. Helping people publish themselves at a low price. By making a system you can add your own content to the web sites. As you may know the more people than ever are looking at the web with cell phones and tablets. The technology we work with makes a web site be seen on any device. We produce YouTube video content, web site that work on any device, and publish articles about services and companies with good products or services.

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Helping people market their product on the on-line.

(For more information call us at 714-882-0117) - The best way to prove your genuine interest is to pick-up your phone and call. Another way is to join our social community ( This is what you will be marketing. That way we will know if you have the skill to sell and market what we build for clients.) . All are work is done using the internet. There is no office that you will have to go to and you will be your own boss. Our present group of video and web production group will do all the work and you make half of all the work you can market.

Here is a video our web team produced for a local coffee shop

that found our ideas of real value. They made a small donation and here is the results of the collaboration to produce a video about their company.